Spirituality is not religion, even though spirituality can also be religious. It is up to each individual to define his or her spirituality.

Religion and spirituality are separate and this page is not about religion, of any kind. This page is just about some examples of research that has been done for many years on the subject of near death experiences (NDEs), and other phenomena of death related experiences.

It is up to each one of us to filter this information through our own lens of spiritual beliefs, if we have any.

There are only a few links and Youtube videos listed here, but it will be up to you to do more research. Think of this page as starting point to your own exploration if you are interested in the subject.

The firs one is the Forever Family Foundation, which is an American not for profit organisation, was founded in 2004 by Phran and Bob Ginsberg. It runs on all volunteer power, and as such no person in the organisation gets paid. The foundation seeks to blur the lines between science and spirituality, and its focus is the evidence that we survive physical death. There are currently over 11,000 members worldwide and interest continues to grow.
Forever Family Foundation

The first video is an interview of Dr. Raymond Moody. Dr. Moody is one of the first medical practitioner who got interested in the phenomenon. He is in fact the first person who coined the phrase "near death experiences".
Raymond Moody's interview

One of the first organisations that was specificaly created to study death related experiences, is the International Association for Near-Death Studies or IANDS. The IANDS has produced many videos and books as well as organised conferences and financed research. Their Youtube channel:

The last video is about Laura Lynne Jackson and Dr. Mark Epstein. Laura Lynne Jackson is a teacher, speaker, and psychic medium. She currently serves as a Windbridge Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Research Center and is also a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation. She is the author of The Light Between Us, a New York Times bestseller. In this Youtube video Laura Lynne Jackson and Dr. Mark Epstein discuss the possibility of the survival of consciousness.
Laura Lynne Jackson and Dr. Mark Epstein

Finally, I would like to say that I have no affiliation to any organisations or individuals related to this research, I just find it incredibly interesting. I also believe that research in death related phenomena is sorely needed in our modern world, especially at the moment.

This page has only been created in the hope to offer comfort to anyone who is interested in the one thing that we all share and can never escape. I am talking about death.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Jean-Charles Crave