Welcome to OPALL Advanced Practice

This CD is a follow up to the original OPALL CD released in 2014 and is a collection of meditation techniques and music tracks accompanied by sounds of nature. It combines exercises in mindfulness with guided imagery and can help create deep relaxation and feelings of tranquility and wellness.

Much of the content was designed and developed in line with feedback about our first CD from Community Social Work, Community Physiotherapy, and Alcohol and Drug services clients. We thank them for their feedback as it guided our creation of this advanced practice CD.
The meditations were crafted and spoken by Michelle Nicholson from Community Health Social Work Services in Launceston. Michelle is one of the original OPALL program developers and continues to play a key role in developing and updating our resources.
The music of the CD was written, performed and recorded by Jean-Charles Crave at the IV-Net studio in Launceston. Jean-Charles is a senior social worker at the Alcohol and Drug Service in Launceston, as well as being a keen musician and composer.

1. Intro
2. Space
3. Relief
4. Archway
5. Protective light
6. Binaural 01
7. Meditation
8. Healing beat
9. White light
10. Thank you and goodbye

Don't forget that you can also use loops of the two music tracks for a longer meditation if you wanted to. (Explanation on how to use them on the Loop Page).

6. Binaural 01 loop
7. Meditation loop

Tracks not on the CD

Mindfulness in Motion